Pilates based corporate workshops

Optimize productivity and physical comfort at work!

With experience teaching Pilates since 1998, Hasti Pilates co-founder Shona Curley offers on-site workshops for businesses in the Bay Area and South Bay. 

Shona offers hour long, group Pilates mat classes in your space, focusing on exercises that maintain spinal alignment and core support in the work environment. She also meets individually with employees who are suffering discomfort at work. She evaluates each person’s needs, assists with ergonomics, and creates customized exercises that can be repeated daily. Companies can offer mat classes and individual sessions to employees on a weekly or monthly basis.

Call 415 355 1973 or email for more information and to schedule a workshop for your company.

“There’s an obligation and a responsibility teachers have to explore and nurture a deeper sense of physicality — and to continue to explore it in their own bodies — with a sense of wonder and discovery.”
- Ron Fletcher, pilates elder