It’s a genuine pleasure to see Shona Curley and Alexandra Donahue open Hasti Pilates. They are crafting a unified, uniform and intelligent approach to the demanding and rewarding exercise routine that is Pilates. Or, as I tell my friends: I ain’t thin; Shona’s just trained me this way.

Shona has been my Pilates trainer since June, 1999. That’s right, I’ve worked with Shona longer than some - okay, more than a few - of my friends have been married. Why? Her good humor. Her concern for my health and wellness. Her smart cueing and bottomless patience. Her down-to-earth sensibility.

In a field crowded with “me too’s” more interested in the latest fads than in good health and sound, smart exercise program, Hasti Pilates offers clients like me a common sense approach. Shona and Alexandra’s intelligence and thoughtfulness - for all aspects of their business - gracefully rises above all the marketing noise that has become such a part of the current Pilates vogue.

— Chris Nolan
Founder, Spot-on.com

I have practiced in many Pilates and yoga studios in San Francisco, and Hasti Pilates is one of the most serene and inviting spaces I have seen. The instructors are attentive, knowledgeable and generous. They truly focus on the dynamics of my practice. I never feel that they are simply going through the motions. Each session is specifically designed for me.

As a mother of a toddler, my body has been in constant flux for the past several years. It has been extremely valuable to have the instructors at Hasti help me address the physical discomfort and imbalances that happen in pregnancy and motherhood. Without Pilates I would have ended up with a lot more back and knee problems and would not have been able to enjoy my son as much.

— Kate
Hasti Client, forever!

I went to see Shona Curley for sciatic pain that had been bothering me for years. Shona worked with me once a week, patiently teaching me the foundational movements of Pilates, and brainstorming with me about what else might be aggravating my condition. Within a couple of months, amazingly, I wasn’t in pain anymore!

Since then she’s worked with me on various other persistent aches and pains, and has made it possible for me to continue my daily jogging routine. She helped me incorporate Pilates exercises into my home routine, so I’m strong in ways I never have been before.

I moved with Shona to her new studio, Hasti Pilates, and the carefully chosen color scheme, rugs and plants all make it a wonderful environment. I can’t imagine giving my sessions up!

— Karen Wiederholt

I’ve never had any sort of exercise routine in my life that felt “right” or that I could stick with. After working with Shona for two weeks my body began functioning in a more proper way. I felt really good, was energized, and inspired to obtain more body awareness. We made steady progress, and now I’ve fully recovered from two pulled ligaments. My general state of fitness and “in-tune-ness” with my body feels great. I’m inspired to learn more and feel better!

— Jeffrey Paradise
Founder, Blow Up